Nokia Global
Bates Singapore & Tokyo

In 2000 I moved to Singapore. I worked on the global Nokia business for over 3 years in Singapore and Tokyo. Creating campaigns for 15 countries with over 2 billion people.


The Nokia 3650 Viral Video Campaign

The Nokia 3650 was the first phone with a digital video camera. Mobile viral videos were born. For this spot we used an animatronics cat that looked so convincing that the client pulled the ad before it aired. It then leaked onto the web and became one of the top 5 viral spots of 2002/3. So basically my partner Howard Collinge and I inadvertently created the web's first viral cat video. It remains one of the top viral cat videos online and has taken on a new life of it's own with the advent of Youtube were it has been featured in Catvertising.


Nokia 7650 Camera Phone Launch

The Nokia 7650 was the first camera phone launched in Asia. The commercial ran in all 14 Asian countries including Australia and New Zealand. This was the first foreign mobile commercial to run in China. It featured in Archive, Campaign Brief Asia, Ad Asia Winner and was Cannes Finalist. The TV was director by David Deneen in New Zealand. Post was done by Animallogic in Sydney.


The print was shot in Hamburg and Berlin by Uwe Deutmann