6x6 Women in Action Documentary
TONE New York / Jakarta

In October of 2015 I traveled all over Indonesia with director Gavin Elder and
project leader Emily Roetzel to document the 6x6 network of women.

6x6 Women in Action is an initiative of the Art of Living Foundation and the 2015 International Women’s Conference. It is a compact network of diverse women driven to turn ideas into action, and projects into sustainable businesses with networks and projects aimed at sustainable social change. For more info on 6x6 please visit: 6x6womeninaction.com/


Director / Editor: Gavin Elder
Creative Director: Roald van Wyk
Program Director / Producer: Emily Roetzel
Post Producer: Melissa Hopple
Sound Mix: Groove Guild
Additional music production by: Paul Riggio & Jon Notar
Music: Erika Spring and Kyle Forester
Post Production: Nice Shoes
Head of Production: Ed Rilli
Colorist: Ashley Ayarza